Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bradford Baked Zines

Last weekend we had a stall at the Victoria Baths Zine Fair in Manchester. We were sharing a table with the super cool Stef Bradley again (Go and see the Today Zine exhibition at Landbaby, Liverpool now!) and had the dead good Sugar Paper as next door neighbours too. Here's Liz and I looking dead chuffed to be there:

Even though she wasn't selling at the fair, we also managed to nab ourselves a copy of the excellent 2nd Hand Zine by Isobel Harrop and a badge to go with it! I would definitely recommend getting a copy of the zine (for 50p!) as soon as she makes them available to buy online, which will be soon, apparently. It's all about good places to go to buy second hand stuff and is both educational and fun.

Anyway, the gist of this post was supposed to be about Bradford Baked Zines and I'll start talking about that now, okay? While we were at the zine fair we got talking to Jean from Loosely Bound about the Bradford Baked Zines popup shop that's opening in an empty shop in Bradford between May 13th and 19th. We've sent along a big bundle of our zines so if you're in the area, pop over and have a look at all the ace self published stuff available to spend your money on.

As well as selling loads of cool stuff, they're also hosting some zine related events too. Our pal Natalie Bradbury, who does the Shrieking Violet zine, is doing a talk and so are loads of other people. All the events are free and are sure to be really interesting. I wish there was something like this in Manchester! Well done Bradford for sorting this out.

In other shop/retail related news, we're now selling mountain cushions at the brand new Nottingham Craft Mafia shop in, uh, Nottingham. We haven't been yet but, according to local sources, it is full of dead nice stuff. You can also have a look at our equally brand new 'stockists' page to see which irl places you can go in order to purchase things that we have made.

See yer!