Sunday, 9 February 2014

Custom Made

Have you ever had a really good idea for something you would like to have made but then realised you probably couldn’t make it yourself? Then why not ask Young Explorer! Over the last year we have been making lots of custom made items, but for some reason we never got around to blogging about them. Here are some of our favourite examples of custom things we have made:

The first custom order we ever made was two embroidered brooches - one, a rasher of bacon and the other, a floret of broccoli. These brooches were made to give as wedding presents as the bride was a vegetarian and the groom a dedicated meat eater.

Another custom order/request we have made was for a brooch and an iron-on patch, based on the Khaki Scouts patch from the amazing Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom, for a regular customer from America.

Then, lastly, we made this Oyster card holder with an embroidery of our favourite Positive Possum on.

So anyway, if you do have a nice idea and would like us to make it for you please get in touch and we will see what we can do. You can send us a Tweet, or an email or send us a message through our Etsy page.