Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Death By Knitting

The other weekend we went to London to visit our friends and, while we were there, we did loads of fun things. The best thing by a mile was going to see the new exhibition at Prick Your Finger, by the super incredible and talented Kandy Diamond.

The exhibition is called 'Death by Knitting' and is made up of knitted horror film movie posters, from films that have knitting needles used as weapons in them. Super exciting, right? But there is more! Not just are the pieces knitted but they are also 3D!!! You get given 3D glasses to view the pieces while you are there and it really works!

To accompany the exhibition there is also a zine (with a 3D cover!) about how knitting is used in each of the films featured in the exhibition.
The exhibition is on until June 12th and I highly recommend that, if you are around London before then, you take the time to go and see the exhibition. You won’t be disappointed!