Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Get Crafty #1: Pompom Hair Band

I have been finding it difficult to motivate myself to do crafty things recently, so thought I'd do a few simple tutorials for the blog. Here's the first one!

My motto in life is that everything can be improved if you put some pompoms on it and that’s why I thought I would share this super quick and easy tutorial for making your own pompom hair band, which will brighten up any outfit.

To make a pompom hair band you will need:

1. The first thing you need to do is decide on what order you would like your pom poms to go around your hair band. I decided to just go for a random order but if you are going for a pattern it’s best to check now that you have enough of each colour before you start.

2. Once you have worked out the order you then need to thread your needle with the cotton and tie a knot at the bottom. It is best to double up your cotton to make it stronger. For my cotton I picked black (the same colour as the hair band) to try and hide the stitches as much as possible.

3. You then need to start to sew the pompoms on to the hair band in your prearranged order. For my hair bands I have started by sewing my first pompom on to the hair band about 6cm away from the end to allow space for the hairband to go behind my ears.

4. Decide where you want your first pompom to go and then start by doing one or two stitches just into the hair band to make sure that the cotton is secured.

5. Then put the needle through the middle of your first pompom and secure it in place on to the hair band. To make sure that the pompom will stay in place repeat this process two or three times.

6. Once you are happy that your first pompom is attached to the hairband move on to your next pompom. With the cotton and needle stitch carefully along the hairband until you get to the place you want the next pompom to go. I have placed my pompoms right next to each other but you don’t have to.

7. When you are happy with the positioning of the needle add your next pompom and repeat stage 5.

8. Continue in the same way sewing on each of your pompoms.

9. Then, as you did at the start, stitch into the hairband only a few times to make it more secure and then neatly tie a small knot and cut the end of the thread off. I tried to hide the knot neatly behind.

Then that’s it! Your pompom hair band is ready to wear!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Valletta Shop Fronts

It's been about two months since we went on our holidays in Malta and I'm finally getting around to posting these photos of shop fronts, mainly in Valletta. There were loads more that haven't made the cut! Let us know which ones are your favourites, please. I like Azzopardi Bros, Video Wave and Sporting Clive the best.