Friday, 27 April 2012

Sea Odyssey

Last weekend we went to Liverpool to see Sea Odyseey, a show by a French street theatre company called Royal De Luxe. You probably saw loads of stuff about it on the TV, but we took a couple of photos from our vantage point that we thought we'd like to share.

We went on the Sunday for the finale of the show. In hindsight we should have done more research into where the best place to stand was. We had an alright view though. We could see the dog, the 30ft girl, and her even taller uncle from where we were stood. They walked past and then were lifted by crane on to a waiting boat. It was probably the most creative use of a crane that I've ever seen.

Then we had to walk very briskly to the pier head to get a glimpse of the boat going up and down the river. It was all very impressive and there were literally lots of people around us who seemed to be enjoying just as much as us. I imagine that the shops, bars and cafes in Liverpool were doing a roaring trade all weekend, and it seemed like the whole city was out on the street to watch the puppets in action.

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