Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lancaster Creative Market

Last weekend, in an attempt to get really rich, we went over to Lancaster to sell things at the Lancaster Creative Market. And to see our friend Rebecca, who has been mentioned already in countless blog posts, who lives there. Neither of us had been to Lancaster for a while so, as well as being excited about selling things at the market, we were looking forward to having a look around town too.

Our (extremely full) table

There were lots of super nice stalls there. Reloved At Home was selling loads of amazing recycled things, like dolls and decorations. There was a woman offering massages! And a nice old man who was selling pottery that he'd made himself at home. 

The extremely good The Make District were behind our favourite stall. The Make District is a collaborative effort between three different Lancaster makers, Coo and Co, Little Lost Soul and Strange Bird Designs

As you can see, they had some very pretty things for sale. We'd advise you to pop over to their website and buy as much as you can afford. I'll definitely be having a look when I get paid next! As well as being dead talented and that, they're also lovely people. They were extremely supportive and enthusiastic about the things we were selling, which was very encouraging. They even agreed to pose for this photo, complete with the copies of Young Exlorer issue one that they'd bought.

It was a lovely day, all in all. We sold quite a few things (Our cards were especially popular) and we spoke to some very nice people. Definitely worth going. And then we had a dead nice time in Lancaster too. We stayed at Rebecca's house and then went for breakfast at the Whale Tail Cafe, which is a vegetarian cafe in the middle of Lancaster. And very tasty it was too.

Remember to go and have a look on our Etsy and buy some things! Also, I can't remember if this has been mentioned already, but we're making an appearance at the Manchester Print Fair at the end of October. Last week we were their featured seller, which was exciting. Go and have a look on their Facebook and mark yourself down as attending. We're going to have issue one and two for sale, as well as an A6 zine about boats, some greetings cards and other bits and bobs for sale. 

Alright then, see yer!

L + S


  1. Well it was lovely to have met you both too! We loved your zine and might I just say that Elizabeths brooches are not only gorgeous but very very reasonably priced! I'm going to buy one very soon! :D

  2. he he lovely photo of us!!! I have framed your badger brooch and it is on my wall, I LOVE it sooo much 2 of the 3 cards have already been sent as gifts I will have to come back for more very soon - wonderful work you two ! xxxx all teh best x Jenny

  3. Thanks both for your kind words! We love all your work too! I like the idea of framing the brooch. Would you be able to send us a photo of the little guy? :-) x