Saturday, 29 December 2012

Not Even Doom Music

Just a quick post to say that you can pre-order the 10" of the new Mat Riviere album Not Even Doom Music NOW. When you pre-order you get to download it straight away and then you'll get your record some time in April, apparently. Buy buy buy!

I am not going to try and review it or anything but it is proper good. Breathtakingly good, even. It has been on a constant loop here since pre-orders became available a week ago. I'm proposing that we now treat December 21st as Not Even Doom Music day from now on, an annual celebration of a flipping great album. And if you buy it in the next couple of days you get some free stuff too. Click on the album title up there for more details!

Here's a trailer for the album that Mat posted on Vimeo a while ago:


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