Tuesday, 30 April 2013


At some point in the future we will probably make a zine about Berlin and how great it is. Until then, you will have to make do with this hastily put together blog post, complete with photos ripped from our Instagram. Nice one!

Firstly, we got back from Berlin about three weeks ago, so apologies if you have been on tenterhooks waiting for a blow-by-blow account of what we got up to. Here's some quick highlights for you! We stayed at an amazing place in the Neuk├Âlln area of the city. It's called Huettenpalast and is, basically, a big room full of vintage caravans and little cabins. We stayed in the Alter Palast, which means Old Palace if you're talking in German. Apparently. Here's a photo of it:

We did loads of touristy things, like hanging out with giant statues of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, casting our eye over Soviet architecture, eating amazing Currywurst, devouring traditional German stodge, cycling around the park and getting told off for asking for too many postage stamps in a souvenir shop.

We went to R.S.V.P, which is an amazing little stationery shop just outside the city centre. We went to the Museum of Things, which was pretty great. Row after row of cabinets of collections of everyday objects that, for some reason, was absolutely fascinating. If only we'd know about it when we were putting together the Collecting issue of the zine!

We'd read, in various places, about Spree Park, an abandoned theme park on the edge of the city. You can sometimes go on guided tours there, but sadly there weren't any running while we were in town. Some people off of the internet suggest climbing over the fence so that you can get a closer look, but we decided against that. We like the idea of urban exploration, but the prospect of being chased by German police/German Shepherd dogs/German security wasn't one we were particularly keen on. Instead we had a walk around the perimeter, where we got a fairly good view.

We did loads of other stuff that we will probably document in the zine when we get around to making it. You should definitely go to Berlin if you get the chance!

While we have your attention, we will be at the Victoria Baths Zine Fair on Sunday May 5th, so come and have a look at our stall! We're sharing with the supremely talented Stef Bradley again, so bring loads of cash. We're launching the new issue of our zine on Sunday too, which is all about food. Ace. Also, remember to come to the Internet Forever + Her Parents gig we're putting on at the end of May. It will be fun.

See yer!


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