Friday, 30 August 2013

St Anne's Fans

Some time ago we decided that spending the day in a beach hut would be a 'nice thing to do'. We hadn't really thought about where we would actually do this or anything like that, though. Then when we were brainstorming about how we could mark our friend Rebecca's birthday, we decided that we could kill two birds with one stone and throw a surprise birthday party in one!

As St Anne's seemed to be the only seaside resort in the north west with beach huts, the decision on where to go was kind of made for us. We found the amazing St Anne's Beach Huts online and booked a lovely little hut (The yellow one in the middle below!) and then got thinking about the kind of food we'd include in the spread for the party.

The hut was dead good! It was nicely furnished and had a little kitchen area - perfect for preparing all our picnic food. Here's what the hut looked like when we'd decorated it.

As Rebecca is vegan, we went for the usual 'Leon party spread' that has been mentioned several times on this blog. Briefly: sweet potato falafel, fried garlic courgettes, miso potatoes, pitta bread, crisps, fruity cous cous, madeleines and probably loads of other things too. Look! Here's the BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! and the birthday cake (A vegan hummingbird cake (like a carrot cake only instead of carrot it's got pineapple in)).

St Anne's is pretty nice. It reminded us a bit of Southport - a little bit posher than your average seaside resort. Obviously Morecambe, Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe are ace, but it's nice to go upmarket every now and again. Posh or not, St Anne's still had a pretty incredible £1 a go bowling alley near the seafront. We are rubbish at bowling but it doesn't stop us from embarrassing ourselves. Here's Liz perfecting her swing.

It's all in the stance, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, we'd definitely recommend hiring one of the beach huts at St Anne's! We think we'd like to go in the winter when it's cold and the huts are a bit cheaper. We could just spend the day sitting in one of the beach huts, reading and crafting and whatever. It might not be so nice in reality though.

See yer!


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