Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sheffield Mini Zine Fair

Yesterday we got the chance to take some of the Salford Zine Library collection on the road and exhibit it at a little zine fair in Sheffield. We also took some Young Explorer stuff to flog on the side, too.

Salford Zine Library out of a suitcase
Some of our stuff
We sold a few of our new mini zines - we have one about whales called 'Whale of a time!' and one called 'Feathered Migrants', which was inspired by a song by ace Liverpool pop band The Swapsies (More about both of these new things another time!).

There was loads of interest in the zine library and we had some lovely donations from other stallholders, too, which was ace. Keep your eye on the Salford Zine Library blog or pop in some time during the week to have a look at them.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. The event was very well organised and everyone who came along was very friendly and nice and stuff. There was a zine making workshop on after the fair and, though we didn't go, it was guaranteed to be flipping great. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did!

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