Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Young Explorer's Christmas Picks

Hello again! As it's December, we've decided to do another one of our Etsy treasury lists. This time it's chock full of ideas for Christmas presents that you should definitely get for people that you like. You can have a look at all the amazing things by clicking here, or even on the image below if that's your kind of thing (Ps. I have never used Photoshop and this image is the result of about an hour's worth of fiddling).

Etsy is the best place to buy presents. I'm sure all the people you buy for would prefer to get something handmade and nice from Etsy rather than another Amazon voucher. You can even buy stuff from us, if you like!

Tell us about your favourite Etsy shops for buying pressies, please! Tweet us, Facebook us, leave a comment, whatever! And most importantly, have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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