Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beluga Whale

One of us was asked to do a poster for a house gig that's happening in a few weeks. Here it is! It's at our friend Natalie's lovely canal-side house and I'm sure you'd be welcome to attend. Trust Fund used to be in the Bumblebees, who were pretty good, and Trust Fund sounds exciting too, like No Kids on a budget. That's a good thing!

Two White Cranes, I think, is Roxy who used to (Or still might even be) in the Mountain Parade and she used to be called Roxanne: The Early Years as well, if I remember rightly. Have a listen! Ratfangs, I've just learned, is Dominic from the Bell Peppers and Boy or Bison and probably millions of other bands besides.

If you want the more artistically talented half of Young Explorer to do a poster for your gig/night/bah mitzvah, send us an email* or tweet us or something.

* it sounded better in my head AT gmail dot com (sorry, i've had the email address since I was about 15 and have never thought of anything better)

See yer!

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