Sunday, 17 June 2012

I Liked You Straight Away

Those of you who bought the zine might remember that we wrote a bit about the Middle Ones, and mentioned that they were going to be on tour with Jack 'Lesser' Lewis' Awkward Energy. Well, last night was the Manchester leg of the tour.

We never tire of seeing the Middle Ones, even though we've probably seen them about thirty times or something daft like that. Their new songs sound great, and they have a new album called 'Slow and Steady' that you can buy if you click on the bit that says 'Slow and Steady' back there.

I always thought of Jack Lewis as the sexier Lewis brother, but last night I came to realise that I think I probably prefer him to his more famous sibling. He was great! His album, which is out on the same label as the Middle Ones' thingy, can be bought here.

That's the album cover next to this bit of writing. At the end of Awkward Energy's set, they got Grace and Anna from the Middle Ones to do a bit of backing vocals and it was a lovely end to the proceedings.

If you happen to be reading this and you a) live in Liverpool and b) have no plans for this evening, I'd suggest that you go to Mello Mello this evening and see the Middle Ones. Jack Lewis is going home today, so he won't be there, but the Middle Ones will definitely be worth going to see.

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