Thursday, 11 October 2012


A couple of weeks back we decided we'd go and spend our weekend in Morecambe. We've both always wanted to stay at the newly renovated Midland Hotel, and they had a deal on dinner, bed and breakfast. And the food was supposed to be amazing. And I'd never been to Morecambe before, but Steve had and he's very much a fan.

We seem to spend a lot of time at the seaside, don't we? I'm not really sure how Morecambe compares with Cleethorpes and Southport, two other seaside towns we've visited recently. Morecambe is a bit more depressing I think. But there's nothing wrong with spending a weekend in an eerily deserted seaside town at the end of the summer season. If anything, it's better when there's less people around!

The giant polo thing in the photo on the right is one of the last remaining rides in the now abandoned theme park on Morecambe sea front. Wikipedia says that it was a Noel's House Party/Mr Blobby themed amusement park, which is probably why it was abandoned.

The meal at the hotel was incredible. I'll talk you through what I had. Starter! Scallops with bacon, peas, pea puree and a sauce that I don't remember. It doesn't look very appetising but it was really quite nice.


The lamb we both had for our main course was even more amazing. The tasty bit of meat in the middle is lamb rump, the wheel things around it are lamb confit belly (!) and then there's some borlotti beans, broad beans and peas in a rosemary sauce. Probably one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Trio of berry desserts!

Dessert was pretty excellent, too. Steve had a cheese board and I had the collection of berry desserts, which consisted of (going clockwise!) an elderflower and blackberry jelly, a raspberry mousse and a summer fruits pudding. Complete with fancy fruity swirl on the plate. Swish-o!

The next day we went to a little vintage shop/tea room called Dotty's Vintage. They had some lovely clothes for sale, but we were there for the tea room really. We had a lovely pot of tea and some cherry and almond scones. Yum!

Sadly it was absolutely chucking it down on the Sunday, so, after sitting in a shelter and watching the waves crashing against the sea wall for a bit, we made a hasty retreat and went back to Manchester. Morecambe's really nice! I think I'd like to go back again, possibly in the summer when it's not so grim looking.


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  1. Lovely to read the thoughts of a visitor to my hometown. Just one clarification, the Crinkly Bottom "theme park" was within Happy Mount Park, way up the other end of town. The derelict land where the polo tower was "Frontierland", a wild west theme park, that I loved going to as a kid, but it was owned by Blackpool Pleasure Beach and I guess they decided to focus on their main site. There's a big planning application just gone in to redevelop that land as a retail park, which while not as good as a theme park, will at least bring some life to that section of the prom.

    One tip, visit during one of the summer festivals and the whole place has a bit more atmosphere. Out of season, it can feel really dead.