Saturday, 13 October 2012

Threaderal Government pt. 1: William Taft

For my birthday, Liz's ace sister and incredible husband bought me THIS. It has loads of amazing posters from US presidential elections from the last 200 years in it. It is pretty amazing. As there's an election coming up very shortly, I've decided to embroider portraits of some of my favourite presidents and presidential candidates* from the 20th century.

This chap here is supposed to be William Taft, who served as president between 1909 and 1913. From what I've read about him before, he seems to have been a reasonably un-evil type bloke, but he wasn't a particularly memorable president. That said, he is the fattest ever president, which is pretty good going. Wikipedia reckons that he once got stuck in his bath tub and his staff had to come and use butter to dislodge him. Unpleasant mental image whether it's true or not.

Another fact I like about William Taft is that a town called Moron, which had been burnt down and rebuilt after a fire, was renamed Taft in his honour. Apparently the word 'moron' wasn't a derogatory term when they named it. But we can ignore that bit, can't we?

Anyway, feel free to suggest other presidents/presidential candidates for me to have a go at. I'm thinking of doing Eugene Debs next, because then I don't have to faff around with embroidering loads of hair and stuff.

*Note: this does not necessarily mean that I agree with their views, it might just be that I think they were funny looking or something daft like that.

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