Sunday, 22 November 2015

Autumn Swap!

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A few weeks ago I took part in a Autumn Swap organised by the lovely Ingrid of Mythologising Me. In previous years Ingrid has organised a Yuletide Swap, which has always been fun! But this year she decided to do it as a Autumn Swap, so we would all have some nice surprise post to come home to on these cold dark nights.

In the swap I got a package from the total cutie Sarah and she got me loads of goodies. I loved it all but especially the Halloween nail stickers and the homemade acorn brooches!

Look how pretty the package was decorated!

I was making my package for Caitlin. Although I have never met Caitlin I was given a list of her interests and some of the things she had mentioned liking were cross stitch, cats and stationery so I decided to make her some cat yarn holders and some envelopes.  

It was so much fun putting this package together and knowing that it was going to brighten up someone's day. I enjoyed it so much that I have now signed up to Oh Comely's Perfect Stranger Project. I have received the information for the person I am putting a box together for this week so I'm excited to get started. 

Do you like receiving surprise post or do you know of any other exciting post swaps?


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