Saturday, 7 November 2015

Cat Donuts

A few weeks ago I spotted a tutorial on how to decorate donuts to look like cats and, being a big fan of both, I instantly wanted to have a go. I found the tutorial on My Paper Crane which is actually one of my favourite websites. Everything Heidi Kenney makes is amazing!

As you can see from her tutorial she has used Peanut Butter Melts to cover her donuts. That sounds like a complete dream, but sadly at the time of making these donuts I didn't know where to buy Peanut Butter Melts. I have now learnt that Hobbycraft stock a whole range of different colours and flavoured Melts, so I will know for next time. As I didn't have Melts I just decided to use melted chocolate instead and I think it worked pretty well.

I would highly recommend making these, it's so easy and they look so cute. If you have any ideas for making your food look cute please let me know!


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