Thursday, 9 August 2012

Liverpool Fun!

Despite the bobbins weather we're still hoping to go on as many days out as possible this summer. We spent this weekend just gone in Liverpool and Llangollen, which was super lovely. Here's some photos!

We went to Liverpool fairly early on Saturday morning and went for a walk down Lark Lane. Sadly the Amorous Cat Book Shop was closed. If anyone reading this has ever actually been inside this shop, please fill us in on how amazing/rubbish it is please.

We went for breakfast at a cafĂ© on Lark Lane and had their 'American Breakfast' which was alright.  I think the pancakes were a bit burnt, but you know, it was still nice. I'm still not sure how I feel about maple syrup with savoury foods, but the novelty of it was exciting enough for me. Syrup on eggs! Syrup on everything!

According to Wikipedia, Lark Lane has a 'bohemian reputation', so I guess it's like Liverpool's answer to the Northern Quarter. Kind of. I think it's probably more relaxed than the latter and it's dead close to Sefton Park, which is a bonus. Imagine how much more pleasant the Northern Quarter would be if it was all green and leafy and that.

Speaking of Sefton Park, that's where we went after we'd had our breakfast. The other half of Young Explorer went here quite a bit when she was growing up in Liverpool and she delighted in showing me her old haunts. The palm house (above!) was restored fairly recently and looks beautiful now. It's definitely worth a visit if domed ceilings are your thing. Or if you like plants and trees.

Over here on the left is a statue of JM Barrie's Peter Pan, for some reason. I'm not sure exactly if JM Barrie has any kind of connection with Liverpool, but either way, they saw fit to erect a statue of his most famous character in the park.

Liz tried to explain a game that her and her brother and sister used to play that involved running around the statue and putting your hands on a designated character around the statue's base. So an independent adjudicator (aka a parent) would shout something like 'two little mice' and the first to touch that character would win. I don't think there were any prizes, I imagine it was just a pride thing. If reading this has confused you then I apologise.

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  1. I wonder if the amorous cat has a shop cat. I would be disappointed if not!
    Also I like this but there is no handy little thumb to say that for me!

  2. I like the idea that you would choose 'amorous cat' as your username. We saw an amazing cat on Lark Lane so we'll just assume that he's the amorous cat in question. Although he must have been having an off day when we saw him - not very sexy at all :(