Saturday, 18 August 2012

Southport Fun!

How much fun can two people possibly have? It must seem, to you outsiders, like our lives are spent constantly visiting places that aren't Manchester and having a nice time. That's not quite true, but a week after going to Liverpool and Llangollen, we made the trip over to Southport.

Ostensibly the trip was for a football match. I support Grimsby Town, for my sins, and have spent the last 15 or so years of my life being repeatedly disappointed by them. Don't worry, this isn't a post about football. To make the idea of going to see rubbish football more appealing, we decided we'd make a day of it and invite Liz's sister and brand new husband (Remember they recently got married and Liz made a blanket for them? Corresponding blog post here) along to share the misery.

Obviously no trip to the seaside is complete without a game of crazy golf. Initial fears that the course might not be particularly crazy were allayed when we saw the obligatory windmill on the third hole. We both found the course quite challenging and finished comfortably in the bottom two places in the standings.

Liz managed to get a fantastic hole-in-one on one of the more tricky holes, whereas my performance was fairly terrible throughout. Liz's sister came out on top by being consistently alright, rather than being a dead talented crazy golfer. Although I might be saying that because I'm a poor loser.

We recently popped over to Project Atelier to have a go on their rowing boats but, sadly, they'd had to be locked away due to some 'unsocial behaviour'. Hopefully they'll be back out again soon! After this disappointment we jumped at the chance to go on the swan pedalos in Southport. Up there's a shot of them in the distance, all lined up and waiting to be pedalled.

Liz and her brother-in-law were in charge of pedalling and, after about ten minutes, were suffering from severe leg cramps, leaving us floating aimlessly around the boating lake. A swan in distress. The weather was nice though and it was quite pleasant just floating around on our own (We were the only swan in action). Eventually the pedallers managed to summon up the energy and leg strength to propel us back to shore safely.

After that we went and got some amazing ice cream (More on that in a later post) and then went to the football, which was about twenty minutes walk from the town centre. The match was predictably dull and any pre-season excitement had well and truly disappeared by the end of a disappointing 1-1 draw.

The result didn't matter too much, though. We'd had a lovely day in Southport despite the football. The next time we go and see Grimsby play I think we'll try and organise something actually enjoyable around the match again.


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