Friday, 10 August 2012

Llangollen Fun!

This is a sister post to the one I posted yesterday, which you can find by clicking HERE. On the Saturday we spent the day doing stuff in Liverpool, but on the Sunday we went to Llangollen, in North Wales.

Our main reason for going to Llangollen was THE BIG ONE, an antiques fair held in the big pavilion place where they usually do the Eisteddfodd (I had to google the spelling, fyi). It's certainly the biggest antiques fair that I've ever been to (read: the only antiques fair that I've ever been to) and there was plenty of old junk to look at. There was some good stuff too, though.

Some of our purchases are classified at the moment as they're presents for people who might be reading this! I can tell you, however, that I bought a copy of Melody Maker from 1986 that had an interview with Ted Chippington in it. Liz bought a Laura Ashley floral jumpsuit for about £5 and a 60s badge that says 'Young Seeker' on it. Liz's dad bought a book about Patagonia and a stack of Welsh postcards and her mum got some earrings that looked like ones she used to have but was partly stolen a few years ago. Pretty successful trip, I reckon.

I'm half tempted to collect loads of packaging for things so that we can go to antiques fairs in fifty years and make loads of money. Someone was selling an old Bovril tin! Unbelievable.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Llangollen, which looks a bit like the photo that's just above this writing. It's very pretty. There's antique shops, a couple of old mills, a place where you can get amazing ice cream and fudge (we got a rum and raisin and a banoffee ice cream and some mint and chocolate fudge) and nice cheese shop. In fact, we got some cheese that Martin Platt off Coronation Street had made, possibly with his own bare hands. I doubt that actually, but we can pretend.

There's also a steam railway in Llangollen, which we'll definitely have to have a go on at some time in the future. Thomas the Tank Engine was there on Sunday though, so the whole place was full of stinking kids. There's some pictorial evidence for you, in case you didn't believe us. That's definitely Thomas, isn't it? It's not one of the other ones. Dave? Was Dave one of them?

We narrowly managed to avoid getting drenched on the way back to the car, which was lucky. It was even more rainy than the rain we experienced the day before in Liverpool (Please see previous blog post for more details about the rain). Very rainy!

Speaking of rain, we're very much crossing our fingers and hoping that it doesn't rain all week next week. We're going to Tenby on holiday for the week so it had better not chuck it down. It is Wales though, so it undoubtedly will. We'll post some photos up while we're away, so keep checking back to see just how much fun we're having! If you'd like a postcard from us, do feel free to send us an email with your address on to youngexplorerzine @ We fully understand if you don't want to give your address to some strangers off the internet though.

Don't have nightmares


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