Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tea Party

On Sunday we had a vegan tea party for our lovely friend Rebecca's birthday. We tried to make lots of nice food that she'd like which included a homemade carrot cake, Moomin shortbread and a whole host of different vegetables. We also made soy and balsamic glazed tofu, which was alright! I think next time I'd use more soy sauce than balsamic vinegar though. It was a bit too zingy for me (That's a professional chef term, by the way).

We watched the film Practical Magic, which wasn't the whimsical children's film that I was expecting, and then we went for a walk along the canal. We were hoping that we'd be able to have a picnic somewhere, but yet again the Manchester weather foiled our plans. Stupid weather! The tea party was nice though. 

We're determined to have either a picnic or a barbecue before the end of the summer but we're quickly running out of time. If anyone reading this is planning one of the above, invite us please! 


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